Almond Milk Sales Up 250 Percent; Dairy Milk Sales Down

Almond Milk Sales Up 250 Percent; Dairy Milk Sales Down

Dairy milk takes a hit while sales of almond-based milks soar in the past five years.


According to a recent report by food trend analyst The Nielsen Company, almond milk sales have surged by 250 percent in the past five years, while the total milk market fell by $1 billion. For 2015, almond milk sales grew 7.8 percent—which represents $894.7 million in sales—while dairy milk sales dropped by seven percent. Furthermore, almond milk is twice as popular as soy-based alternatives. To explain the shift in consumer preference, vegan beverage company Califia Farms CEO Greg Steltenpohl explained to Food Navigator that “a growing number of consumers are seeking a plant-based diet,” a statement that is supported by a recent survey that revealed half of omnivores are consuming plant-based alternatives for health, taste, and ethical reasons.

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