Australian Gelato Shop Goes Vegan

Australian Gelato Shop Goes Vegan

Gelato Blue eliminates all animal products from its menu to serve exclusively vegan desserts.


On Easter Sunday, Australian shop Gelato Blue went 100-percent vegan due to growing customer demand. According to local food news outlet Good Food, the seven-year Newtown shop has phased out animal-based ingredients and replaced them with vegan alternatives such as coconut milk and aquafaba—chickpea brine that the shop uses to create vegan pavlovas. “Because we are a family business,” manager Fotini Platis said, “we treat our customers like family. When people were coming into the store and we had nothing to feed them, we felt just as bad as we would have if we were inviting them into our house and there was no suitable food.” In addition to cakes and chocolate, the shop currently features more than 100 unique gelato flavors such as Greek Sesame Halva, Pink Flamingo Fruit Cocktail, and Rockmelon Sorbet.

Photo courtesy of Cherie Tu

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