Business Analyst to Nestlé: Acquire Dairy-Free Brands

To boost slipping profits, multi-national corporation should acquire dairy-free companies, says food analyst.


According to food news outlet Food Navigator, dairy-based corporation Nestlé would boost its slumping profits by adding dairy-free alternative companies to its portfolio. In 2015, Nestlé’s profits plummeted by 33 percent, which lead analyst Lianne van den Bos to advise the company to “acquire fast-growing health and wellness brands as well as dairy alternatives.” Major corporations such as Unilever—the umbrella corporation behind Ben & Jerry’s (which recently launched a vegan ice cream line) and Hellmann’s (which is introducing an egg-free mayonnaise)—have modernized by entering the growing vegan market. Food corporation Whitewave recently credited its $1 billion in 2015 net sales to its plant-based acquisitions of So Delicious and Vega. “We’re very, very pleased with how plant-based is performing overall,” Whitewave CEO Gregg Engles said.

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