Filmmakers Urge White House to Go Vegan on Earth Day

Filmmakers Urge White House to Go Vegan on Earth Day

Cowspiracy documentarians insist that Barack and Michelle Obama go vegan as a symbolic stance in line with the White House’s environmental policies.

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Influential filmmakers Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn—the duo behind Cowspiracy and upcoming film What the Health­—have launched a petition on to insist that the White House goes vegan for Earth Day this April 22. The petition lists seven reasons why going vegan for Earth Day would logically follow stances the Obamas have taken on environmental policies, including rainforest destruction, water consumption and pollution, wildlife protection, inefficient land use, and world hunger as the animal agriculture-driven factors behind climate change. Anderson and Kuhn conclude with a moving plea for the Obamas to take a symbolic step by going vegan: “With so much at stake, we cannot be afraid to speak the truth no matter how many animal agriculture lobbyists are knocking at the door of the White House and Congress.”

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