First Instagram-Friendly Vegan Matcha Bar Opens

Melbourne, Australia’s Matcha Mylkbar has lines of customers down the street waiting to try its matcha-infused menu and vegan eggs.

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Matcha Mylkbar, a matcha-fueled eatery, recently open in Melbourne, Australia’s St. Kilda neighborhood, which has generated internet buzz during its first week of business. Described as a millennial foodie’s dream, the dining experience is complete with an all-vegan menu, matte cutlery that won’t cause unsightly glares in Instagram shots, and a hugely popular vegan egg featured in brunch entrées. The runny-yolked creation has been so sought-after that supplies are routinely running out before midday, and the team is already considering a kitchen expansion to accommodate for demand. Other options on the menu include Chaga mushroom-almond milk lattes, Wiz-Kale-Leafa smoothies, mushroom bacon-topped chicken burgers on a matcha bun, and Blue Zone Bowls, created using ingredients inspired by the five regions on earth called “Blue Zones” (those areas with the highest percentage of people living to the age of 100). Head chef Lachlan Timms brings his culinary expertise from having lived in one such zone—Okinawa, Japan, while co-owner Sarah Holloway told Vogue Australia that the green tea powder he works with played a factor into its citizens’ health. “Their longevity isn’t just attributed to their plant-based diet,” she said. “It’s also their high levels of matcha consumption.”

Photo courtesy of @k_rocchi

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