Man Goes on Year-Long Potato-Only Diet, Feels "Amazing"

Man Goes on Year-Long Potato-Only Diet, Feels “Amazing”

Melbourne man down 63 pounds on day 105 of food experiment to help fight food addiction.


An Australian man has passed the 100-day mark of a year-long, all-potato diet. After reading peer-reviewed studies, listening to talks, following the work of prominent vegan physicians, and researching the historical precedence of potato-heavy diets, Andrew Taylor said he began his food experiment at the start of 2016 as a way to battle his chronic overeating habits. “Towards the end of last year I had the realization that I was a food addict,” Taylor said. “I was unhappy with myself … Obviously, a drug or alcohol addict, the best thing they can do is to quit drugs and alcohol entirely, so that’s what I wanted to do with [fatty, junk] food.” The 36-year-old says he is intentionally keeping his meals “boring”—eschewing popular potato fixings such as oil, butter, cream, and bacon and relying on only herbs, spices, and a few low-fat sauces—in order to stop using food as a crutch and to disassociate what he eats with comfort and emotional support. “Everything is going real well,” he said. “It’s come together. I’ve got a lot of energy. I’m sleeping better. I’ve lost a lot of weight.” Beginning his experiment at 333 pounds, Taylor says he’s already down 63 pounds while maintaining a good quality of health, consulting regularly with his doctor, and monitoring his blood work. He takes a vitamin B12 supplement and adds some fortified soy milk to his mashed potatoes, but otherwise “everything else is covered in what I’m eating,” Taylor said. “And I feel amazing … I think that’s a good indicator.” Taylor also says he enjoys an occasional beer as well, but is slowly less and less desiring of it as well. He is documenting his journey via social media to more than 12,000 followers and at his own website, Spud Fit.

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