Police Shut Down Veg Restaurant Opening Due to Crowds

Police Shut Down Veg Restaurant Opening Due to Crowds

New vegan diner in Berlin drew a crowd of 300 patrons, plus another 800 lined up for vegan beer and burgers.


German authorities were called last weekend to clear a crowd of nearly 1,000 after a crowd formed at the opening of Dandy Diner in Berlin to sample the eatery’s free vegan burgers and beer. The event, thrown by owners and popular European fashion blogger duo Dandy Diary, was advertised via social media in hopes to “create buzz” and attract the “young, beautiful people of Berlin.” However, 20 minutes into the opening more than 300 attendees crammed into the space, with an additional 800 spilling out into the street outside. Dandy Diner owners reportedly asked police to have the street shut down to protect patrons as they waited for their plant-based fare, but police refused and instead ordered the event be shut down to ensure public safety. “I think it’s a shame that the party ended so quickly,” co-owner Carl Jakob Haupt said. “But in the end, I’m satisfied. It was the best restaurant opening that there’s ever been.”

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