Stella McCartney Releases Vegan Perfume

Stella McCartney Releases Vegan Perfume

Fur-free fashion designer markets her new vegan fragrance with the help of musician Grimes, Madonna’s daughter Lola Leon, and more.


English eco-conscious designer Stella McCartney—known for her vocal refusal to use fur and leather in her collections—recently released a new vegan fragrance called POP by Stella McCartney. The tuberose and sandalwood-scented perfume is not tested on animals and is intended to promote strength in women. McCartney recruited four influential women—Canadian musician Grimes, Madonna’s daughter Lola Leon, actress Amandla Stenberg, and animal-activist Kenya Kinski-Jones (daughter of actor Quincy Jones)—to be the faces behind POP’s marketing campaign. “Sustainability in fashion is something that I really care about,” Grimes said. “It’s not something that exists for the sake of aesthetics, but something that exists because someone cares about it.” In addition to the fragrance (which is currently sold by select retailers but will be available globally in July), McCartney’s new POP collection contains vegan apparel such as shoes, key chains, t-shirts, and tote bags made from animal-free materials.

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