Steve-O Promotes Wendy's Veggie Burger

Steve-O Promotes Wendy’s Veggie Burger

MTV-star orders a vegan black-bean burger at an Ohio Wendy’s to promote what he campaigned the chain to create.

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MTV star Steve-O (star of Jackass and Wildboyz, real name Stephen Gilchrist Glover) recently filmed himself ordering Wendy’s new Black Bean Burger. Glover launched a campaign on in 2015 to petition the fast-food chain to include a veggie burger on its menu. The petition gained more than 41,000 signatures, which lead the company to begin testing the Black Bean Burger—for which the company made a humorous commercial—in select markets in January. The clip shows Glover ordering the sandwich vegan (hold the ranch, mayo, and cheese) at an Ohio Wendy’s location. “I’m happy Wendy’s is serving black-bean burgers,” Glover said to an employee before asking, “Have you tried one?” After a positive nod, Glover exclaimed, “I knew it! It’s delicious.” The stuntman deemed the new menu item “the most-anticipated burger ever,” and said, “If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that getting off your butt and helping animals actually makes a difference.”

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