UCLA Newspaper to Feature 10 Vegan Restaurants

The Daily Bruin will showcase 10 Los Angeles restaurants to give students insight into plant-based dining options.

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The University of California, Los Angeles’ student newspaper The Daily Bruin will feature 10 vegan restaurant reviews written by vegan staffer Alejandra Reyes-Velarde in the coming weeks. Reyes-Velarde’s first story in the series focused on Sage Organic Vegan Bistro in Culver City, where she dined on mozzarella sticks, a tempeh-bacon-filled chili cheeseburger, and bread pudding. Reyes-Velarde interspersed her review with words of advice for her fellow students, stating, “People are taught that animal products are essential to live a healthy life, but from my experience, that is far from the truth.” Interest in veganism is growing among college students, as evidenced by meat-free initiatives launched at Harvard University, South Carolina College’s vegetarian dining hall, and positive reception of vegan company Hampton Creek’s new Just Cookies and Just Mayo options at the University of Maine.

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