University Publication to Step Up Vegan Coverage

University Publication to Step Up Vegan Coverage

The newspaper of Appalachian State University will publish a column on the myriad reasons to adopt a plant-based diet.

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In a recent feature in Appalachian State University’s student newspaper The Appalachian Online, vegan columnist Madeleine Lippy explained her reasons behind going vegan—including watching documentaries such as Cowspiracy, learning about the health benefits of eschewing animal products, and ethical concerns. “I could give you all of the gory details to argue for an ethical take on veganism, but I would be here all day,” Lippy said, before revealing that she intends to refocus her column to discuss animal welfare, the environment, nutrition, and the interconnection of these topics. To students contemplating a change in diet, Lippy advised that “veganism is the right way to go.” While veganism is widely covered in East and West coast-based media outlets—and has gained popularity among university students—this feature is evidence that the topic is now growing in less-publicized regions such as Appalachia.

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