Vegan April Fool's Gag Becomes Best-Seller at Restaurant

Vegan April Fool’s Gag Becomes Best-Seller at Restaurant

“Plantbased Disgrace” was initially conceived as a joke on hipsters, but drew such demand that restaurant owners put the $35 burger on the menu.


A burger restaurant in Sydney, Australia has found massive success after a vegan menu item initially advertised only as an April Fool’s joke has become a best-seller, with some patrons buying airline tickets just to try it. A combination of all 16 ingredients on the vegan restaurant’s menu, Soul Burger’s “Plantbased Disgrace” includes vegan sausage, chicken schnitzel, a beef patty, battered fish, herbed mayonnaise, mushrooms, roasted peppers, falafel, tomato, lettuce, pineapple, and cheese, skewered by two syringes full of mustard and ketchup and served atop a Mason-jarred chocolate coconut milkshake. The $35 option was first created via Photoshop as a joke to “take the piss out of the emerging trend of hipster burgers,” but after going viral on the restaurant’s social media, demand for the real thing began flooding in. “We ended up actually putting it on the menu because of the sheer amount of requests,” owner Amit Tewari told Ecorazzi. “We had people telling us they were booking tickets to Sydney to try the burger, so they needed to know if it was real.” The “Plantbased Disgrace” is being served through the end of April as a monthly special.

Photo courtesy of @sweetandyummie

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