Vegan Milk Blends

New from Califia Farms, these blended beverages feature ingredients like coconut cream, ginger, turmeric, and matcha.


We’ve never met a Califia Farms beverage we didn’t love … including the company’s three new blended flavors that remind us how smooth and rich vegan life can be. Packed with coconut cream, coconut meat, and coconut water, CaliCoco is a cool, whole-coconut smoothie perfect on a warm day. Ginger Almondmilk combines the anti-inflammatory powers of turmeric in a subtly spicy drink, while Matcha Almondmilk—made with antioxidant-rich ceremonial and whole-matcha green tea leaves—is our new midday go-to. All three flavors are only lightly sweetened, which means we have plenty of room for dessert. Bring on the vegan cookies!

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