Vegan Travel Show Launches Second Season

The Vegan Roadie partners with vegan food company Field Roast for season two of the web series.

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The Vegan Roadie—a web travel show hosted by New York-based vegan chef and actor Dustin Harder—has partnered with vegan food company Field Roast to produce its second season. The premise of the show has Harder traveling to cities across the country where he samples food at—and interviews the owners of—local vegan restaurants. Each show ends with a segment called 5 Ingredient Challenge wherein Harder crafts simple vegan meals using minimal ingredients and tools in his hotel room. “It’s so amazing to meet such inspiring people along the journey,” Harder said. “There’s never a dull moment.” With the new partnership and a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, Harder is currently taping 11 new episodes of the show—which premiers on July 7—while traveling in a Field Roast logo-wrapped van to destinations such as New Orleans, San Antonio, Atlanta, and Seattle. The Vegan Roadie’s second season combined with a recent petition on asking The Food Network to develop a vegan show is proof that demand for vegan entertainment is on the rise. 

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