Waka Flocka Flame Makes Promo Video for Vegan Edibles

Waka Flocka Flame Makes Promo Video for Vegan Edibles

Famed rapper creates all-vegan, THC-infused granola bars in front of 100 fans in Seattle.


Rapper Waka Flocka Flame shot a promotional video Sunday for his new THC-infused granola bars. The emcee recently teased plans for creating vegan edibles to media outlet TMZ, revealing that he has a marijuana-infused food line in the works and is starting with vegan granola bars. To launch the product, Waka worked with a chemist to develop the recipe and local cannabis marketing group Agency PDA to promote it. The high-production video features the rapper preparing the vegan granola bars in front of 100 fans. As for why he went the granola bar route, manager Milan Ackerman told VegNews that the cannabis industry is growing and Waka is excited to be a part of it. Additionally, the musician—vegan himself—often does not have access to vegan items on tour and granola bars are as Ackerman says, “a no brainer if he needs to grab it on the go.” According to Agency PDA’s Layne Schmerin, the granola bars will be distributed this summer in Washington with plans for future expansion into Oregon and Colorado markets.

Story updated April 20, 2016 to refelct current information.

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