Animal-Rights Group Launches Anti-SPAM Campaign

Animal-Rights Group Launches Anti-SPAM Campaign

Compassion Over Killing unveils a counter-campaign to Hormel’s “SPAMERICAN Tour” using footage of cruelty found at the pork producer’s slaughterhouse.


Animal-rights organization Compassion Over Killing (COK) has launched the “Unauthorized Spam Tour” campaign to counter pork producer Hormel’s promotional “SPAMERICAN Tour,” which rolls into San Francisco today. SPAM is the most popular product made by Hormel—a company where COK’s recent undercover footage documented heinous acts of animal cruelty. COK’s video campaign will take viewers on a satirical tour of Hormel’s slaughterhouse and blend animation with the organization’s undercover footage to reveal the origins of SPAM. As Hormel travels across the US to showcase its SPAM product, we created the ‘Unauthorized SPAM Tour’ to take Americans behind the closed doors of a Hormel slaughterhouse,” executive director of COK Erica Meier stated. “Consumers want to know the truth about where their food is coming from.”

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