Brazilian State Bans Cosmetic Animal Testing

Pará, Brazil’s second largest state, became the fourth city in the country to ban testing of beauty products on animals.


The city-state of Pará became the fourth in Brazil to officially ban the testing of cosmetics on animals. Following bans in cities including São Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Paraná, Pará’s mayor officially signed Bill 148/2015—which effectively bans the testing of cosmetics and individual ingredients on animals. “Pará is the second largest state in Brazil, so this is a very significant victory for the animals,” campaign manager for Humane Society International Helder Constantino said. “It is also a strong signal to the National Congress that Brazil wants an end to these unethical and outdated tests and in the absence of federal action, states have been enacting their own protective legislation.” Several US Representatives reintroduced a similar bill to the US Congress in June 2015, but no legislative action has been taken as of yet.