Eating Eight Ounces of Steak Equivalent to Driving 29 Miles

New study looks at the carbon footprint of eating meat while examining 39 plant-based alternatives that are much more efficient.

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A new study conducted by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology revealed that eating an eight-ounce steak has an equivalent environmental impact as driving a car for 29 miles. Researchers also found that consuming the same amount of plant-based protein was equivalent to driving a car for only three miles. The study examined 39 plant-based meat alternatives and found that producing these products from farm to factory emits 10 times less greenhouse gas than producing beef. “As the world population grows, there’s an urgent need to produce protein-rich foods that are friendlier for the environment and healthy for people,” lead researcher Alfredo Mejia said. “We have the power to use our fork to take care of our health and our planet.”