Top Google Exec Names Plant Foods as Hot Tech Trend

Chairman Eric Schmidt says plant-based-food is one of the six most important tech trends today.

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A recent feature in Fortune highlighted the six most important technology trends as identified by Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt. Along with 3D printing in building construction, virtual reality, mobile medical monitoring, self-driving cars, and fixing education through technology, Schmidt named plant-based food innovation as a critical technological development. According to Fortune, “Schmidt sees a revolution coming in using plants to replace meat” and points to reduction of greenhouse gases, lowering food costs in developing countries by introducing the consumption of plant-based protein in lieu of meat, and streamlining food production to eliminate the waste of raising, slaughtering, and shipping livestock to grocery stores as the driving forces behind the importance of this trend. With Schmidt’s influential opinion and technology-driven plant-based food companies such as Memphis Meats, Impossible Foods, and New Harvest, the idea of raising animals for food is on track to becoming obsolete.

Photo courtesy of Impossible Foods

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