UK's Largest Indy Retailer Promotes Vegan Fashion

UK’s Largest Indy Retailer Promotes Vegan Fashion

ASOS explains the importance of vegan fashion in a blog post earlier this month.

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ASOS—United Kingdom’s largest independent clothing retailer—recently posted a feature to its marketplace page entitled “Vegan Clothing: Compassion Fashion.” The blogger behind independent label Miss Bella UK explained why choosing animal-free clothing is important. The post revealed the horrors of the Merino wool industry and offered a “How to Wear Vegan” infographic featuring clothing items made from animal-free materials such as cotton, rayon, polyester, acrylic, and microfiber. After explaining that vegan belief systems are often misunderstood before touching on the positive environmental benefits of choosing “compassionate fashion,” the post stated, “All can agree that no animals should suffer for the sake of our collective vanity.” Several retailers such as Aritzia—which launched a vegan summer collection for 2016—have tuned into the conversation about the use of animals in the fashion industry.

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