YouTube Star Ricky Dillon Goes Vegan

YouTube Star Ricky Dillon Goes Vegan

The 24-year-old performer samples meat-free meat and battles insomnia by watching vegan recipe videos.


Musician and YouTube star Ricky Dillon recently revealed to his 2.4 million followers that he has decided to go vegan. In a Twitter post, the 24-year-old performer shared, “I’ve officially been vegan for a full week and have never felt better. It’s hard to describe but my body feels so light and fresh.” Shortly after making the shift, Dillon posted a video of himself sampling meat-free items such as Soyrizo, Vegetarian Plus’ Vegan Whole Turkey, Beyond Meat’s Grilled Strips, and more. While he admittedly hated the taste of meat from an early age and found these analogs to be too similar to animal products, he recommended them to his viewers, stating, “I’m saving animals, so that’s good.” Social media stars such as DJ Khaled, Lohanthony, and Carli Bybel are often seen as powerful influencers, as their statements and actions instantly reach millions of millennial and Generation Z followers.

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