Children Influence Families to Go Vegan

Children Influence Families to Go Vegan

New York Post profiles several households where children are inspiring other family members to go vegan.


A recent feature in news outlet New York Post spotlighted the trend of young children influencing their family members to go vegan. Second-grader Morgan Greenfield went vegan last October and revealed, “Something popped up in my mind that said, ‘Don’t hurt the animals, no dairy or eggs.’” Greenfield’s decision influenced 10-year-old sister Danielle to go vegan, mom Felicia to take a six-week vegan cooking course, and self-professed “sushi and steak addict” father Nick to go vegan in January. The feature then focused on New Jersey seventh-grader Arnel—who celebrated her Bat Mitzvah with an animal-free menu—and her sister Michelle (14) who both went vegan for health and ethical reasons. “If I’m eating at home with them or at a vegan restaurant, I’ll go vegan,” Nick Greenfield said. “They’re influencing me.” Additionally, the feature profiled siblings Jacob (12) and Julia Schles (15), who went vegan as their 2016 New Year’s resolutions. Farm Sanctuary founder and animal activist Gene Bauer explained, “Young people are tuned into this issue more than ever,” which is evidenced by the recent statistic that 12 percent of millennials now identify as vegetarian.

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