CNN Names Hottest Global Vegan Food Destinations

CNN Names Hottest Global Vegan Food Destinations

India, Israel, and—you guessed it—Portland among top picks.

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CNN recently highlighted the “world’s hottest destinations for vegans.” First mentioned was Portland, OR, thanks to a huge array of plant-based options such as “decadent, sometimes obscene, down-home comfort food” from Homegrown Smoker, fine dining, bars, vegan grocery stores, tattoo parlors, and even a strip club. Berlin also received top honors for having the most exclusively vegan restaurants than any other city on the European continent. New York City’s mix of upscale and trendy eateries such as 00+Co., and comfort food favorites such as Cinnamon Snail and by CHLOE earn the East Coast mecca a mention as well. Los Angeles represents for the West Coast, lauded for its more accessible, affordable, and niche eateries. Israel’s Tel Aviv and its heavy leaning on healthful Mediterranean food (and carrot dogs), Honolulu’s abundance of vegan lifestyle options, Taipei’s myriad restaurants that cater to the 13 percent of Taiwan’s population that abstain from meat, Detroit’s famous soul-food restaurant Detroit Vegan Soul, and Toronto’s bevy of veg festivals all earned each city a spot on the list. Chennai, India—with a population of four million, roughly half of which eat meat-free—rounds things out, highlighted for using less dairy products than in northern India, and for its fine-dining veg restaurant The Royal Vega.

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