Cruelty Exposed at Eggland’s Best Supplier

Animal-rights group Mercy For Animals calls for supplier to country’s largest egg distributors to go cage-free after investigation.

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Following an investigation that found animal torture at Tyson suppliers, animal-rights organzation Mercy For Animals (MFA) released a new video this week showing widespread abuse documented at Briarwood Farms, a supplier for egg company Eggland’s Best. The investigation took place between February 29 and May 12 across nine facilities and revealed that birds were physically abused by workers with broomsticks and other blunt objects, fell into manure pits where they were left to die, and dead birds were left among live egg-laying hens. Briarwoods Farms president Mark Oldenkamp admitted, “We have noted several instances of hen mishandling in the video, and I am deeply disappointed to see those actions.” MFA is urging Eggland’s Best to set a precedent as a supplier by going cage-free, which would allow companies such as Walmart, General Mills, and Panera Bread to make good on their pledges.

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