CVS to Showcase Vegan Foods

Nationwide drugstore will promote vegan display with Lärabar, Kashi crackers, and GimMe Health seaweed snacks to stay on top of growing demand.


Convenience store giant CVS Pharmacy will actively promote vegan foods this fall via labeled in-store displays featuring Lärabar Bites, Kashi Teff Thin Crackers, and GimMe Health Food Seaweed Snacks. The company launched a 500-store pilot program in 2015 to offer shoppers healthier convenience foods from better-for-you vegan-friendly brands such as Amy’s Kitchen, Annie’s Homegrown, and Vega One. Chief Merchant of CVS Health Judy Sansone revealed, “Since becoming the first and only national pharmacy chain to end the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products, the number one thing we’ve heard from our customers is the desire for healthier food options.” Currently, 2,900 stores participate in the company’s healthier food initiative, with plans to add expanded refrigerated sections, better snacks at checkout (where the 25 percent of store space previously reserved for candy will instead feature nutrition bars), and healthy food deals to 100 additional stores every week. “This year, we are continuing to expand the assortment, volume, and shelf space dedicated to better-for-you foods and snacks offered in our stores nationwide to make healthier snacking easier and more convenient for our customers,” Sansone said. Earlier this month, drugstore competitor Rite Aid launched vegan beauty line Éclair Naturals at 4,000 of its stores nationwide.

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