Meal Delivery Service to Partner with Vegan Chefs

Vegan meal kit delivery startup Purple Carrot will feature prominent chefs in a new series to promote plant-based eating.

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Vegan meal kit delivery startup Purple Carrot will launch its first ever Summer Guest Chef Series this Friday. The startup is partnering with prominent chefs, authors, plant-based advocates, and bloggers such as Rich Landau of award-winning Philadelphia restaurant Vedge, Executive Chef of New York-based Mother of Pearl Daphne Cheng, and Food52 Vegan author Gena Hamshaw “to create a unique experience that inspires a summer of plant-based eating,” Purple Carrot’s CEO and founder Andy Levitt said. “We’ve partnered with some of the best chefs and recipe developers around the country whose meals blew us away in order to give our customers something really special this summer.” Purple Carrot raised $5 million in investment last month from Windsail Capital and plans to use funds to promote plant-based meals to a wider audience.

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