New <i>Zelda</i> Game Lets Main Character be Vegan

New Zelda Game Lets Main Character be Vegan

Nintendo’s “Breath of the Wild” game allows players to choose gathering over hunting.


Gaming company Nintendo’s newest iteration of the classic game The Legend of Zelda—called “The Breath of the Wild”—finds main character Link conquering monsters through open wilderness to save fantasy world Hyrule from further destruction. To refuel, Nintendo built two options for Link: hunting animals or gathering plant-based foods. According to gaming news outlet Twinfinite, when Link shoots an animal, they turn into meat, and his energy is restored. However, the game is built so that Link can also choose to refuel on plants just as efficiently without the need to kill animals. “The Breath of the Wild”—the 19th version of the nostalgic game series set for release in 2017—is a reflection of the changing times when the consumption of meat is unnecessary, even as a fantasy game protagonist.

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