Vegan Pop Stars Slam Social Media “Body-shaming Trolls”

Australian sister act The Veronicas speak out against harmful comments they receive on a daily basis.


In a recent interview with News Corp Australia, girl group The Veronicas spoke out against the constant body-shaming the vegan twin sister duo faces. Jess and Lisa Origliasso follow a plant-based diet but naturally are very thin, two factors that make them target for online commentary about their weight—many suggesting that the singers are irresponsible role models for young girls and are promoting eating disorders. “It’s become challenging because it’s constant,” Jess said. “I can’t stand the comment ‘Eat something’—assuming we don’t eat.” One Facebook comment the group shared said, “I don’t think you need to be a qualified doctor to realize that a cheeseburger would do them good,” a remark Jess said caused her to “facepalm” her forehead four times before answering. Another commenter wrote “Omg! EAT SOMETHING FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!! I’ll pay for the food,” to which the group responded with a 33-item shopping list including organic kale, pumpkin seeds, kelp, and vegan chocolate protein powder. “Perfect!” the sisters wrote. “Here’s our daily shopping/eating list for one day; let us know where you’ll be sending it!”

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