Volvo Creates Anti-Roadkill Technology

Swedish carmaker introduces a new animal detection system using technology to prevent collisions.

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Swedish automaker Volvo is set to launch its 2017 S90 sedan, which comes equipped with an innovative Large Animal Detection with Autobrake system. The technology is built using a radar, camera, and software that interact to detect if large animals such as moose, deer, elk, and humans are standing on the side of or crossing a road. When the system is triggered, the driver is alerted with audio and visual cues, and the brake system is automatically activated to avoid impact. According to technology media outlet Tech Times, 1.2 million deer collisions—200 of which resulted in human deaths—were recorded in 2013. Innovation in the car industry is increasingly including the welfare of animals, as evidenced by Tesla Motor’s recent development of the Model X—an all-vegan luxury SUV.

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