Califia Launches First Vegan Nitro Cold-Brew Latte

Vegan company’s new coffee beverage is infused with nitrogen to create a micro-foam finish.

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Vegan beverage company Califia Farms recently debuted the first-ever vegan Nitro Cold Brew—a dairy-free nitrogen-infused cold brew latte. Available in three flavors—Mocha, Latte, and New Orleans—the new beverage is made with both almond and macadamia nut milks and cold-brewed coffee beans, and is infused with nitrogen that gives the drink a foamy finish. “With our new Nitro Cold Brew, we have untapped the next great adventure in coffee: a creamy yet dairy-free cold-brew latte that explodes in a thousand tiny bubbles of rich coffee flavor,” Califia Farms CEO Greg Steltenpohl said, adding that the drink “is a tastier, plant-powered option for fans of nitrocoffee who like it creamy and prefer not to consume cow’s milk.” The company is at the center of the booming dairy alternative market (which experienced a 250 percent growth in the past five years) and recently won the Global Packaging Design award for its shapely bottles.

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