Ethical Vegan Wins Title at Miss Galaxy Universe

Ethical Vegan Wins Title at Miss Galaxy Universe

Deni Kirkova wins coveted “Beach Body” category at the fitness and beauty competition.


Ethical vegan Deni Kirkova won the “Beach Body” category at the Miss Galaxy Universe competition—a female-founded pageant recently held in London. “I was especially glad to be taking on this challenge as a vegan, which some people might think can be a disadvantage,” Kirkova said. While Kirkova credited her plant-based diet for getting her into competition-ready shape, she also stated, “I went vegan a year ago after having an epiphany that we don’t need to and shouldn’t hurt animals for food, beauty, or clothes. I’ve never felt so good, mentally and physically.” Top athletes such as former Mr. Universe Barny du Plessis, record-breaking ultramarathoner Scott Jurek, and UFC fighter Nate Diaz all attribute their success at their respective sports to their abstinence from animal products.

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