Meat-Free Days Up 80 Percent Amongst Swedish Kids

Meat-Free Days Up 80 Percent Amongst Swedish Kids

Students in Sweden are embracing meat-free school days to support the country’s environmentally friendly goals.


According to Swedish news source The Local, the popularity of meat-free days in Swedish schools has increased by 80 percent during a two-year period. Lund University and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions analyzed an environmental survey sent to all Swedish districts by environmental magazine Aktuell Hållbarhet. Districts were scored on their adherence to environmental policies, including the promotion of meat-free days in schools. “It’s a trend that isn’t going away,” project manager Jesper Gunnarsson said. “There can sometimes be a little bit of debate about it, but the kids are open to it, and the municipalities are determined.” Meatless Monday campaigns have found success stateside with many students at schools such as Stanford University and districts across California, Philadelphia, and Ohio ditching meat in favor of plant-based foods.

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