<i>The Washington Post</i>: "Meat is Horrible"

The Washington Post: “Meat is Horrible”

Prominent news source shares detailed argument against meat and animal products to more than 10 million fans.


The Washington Post recently published an in-depth exposé entitled “Meat is horrible” in which author Rachel Premack posits the environmental, ecological, and health reasons why American’s should cut back or give up meat. The 1,100-word piece is replete with data and graphs (detailing how “You need 48 times as many liters of water to produce the same amount of beef as veggies”), argues the unsustainability of animal agriculture, addresses how $730 billion in health care costs could be avoided, and points to how red meat limits and taxes could help offset the damage done by the US, China, Brazil, and Britain—the world’s most carnivorous countries. The piece has been shared by notable vegan figures including Humane Party presidential nominee Clifton Roberts. “Great article by The Washington Post,” Roberts said. “In light of mounting evidence about the malignant effects of the mass production of animals designed for human consumption, to the detriment of both human health and our planet, I’m often awe struck by our blatant desire to simply ‘ignore’ these facts.”

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