10-Year-Old Boxing Champ Is Vegan

10-Year-Old Boxing Champ Is Vegan

Undefeated Ra-leek Born, the top-ranked US boxer in his age group, eats a plant-based diet—and inspired his diabetic dad to do the same.


Ten-year-old Ra-leek Born is the nation’s top-ranked boxer in the 8-to-10-year-old age class, having won a championship belt at the Ringside Worldwide Boxing Tournament. He’s also vegan, following the example of pro boxers such as David Haye, Timothy Bradley, and Cam Awesome. Born lives in the Springfield Gardens neighborhood of Queens, NY and trains six days a week at Eastern Queens Boxing Club, while also excelling in his fifth-grade classes. After his dad, Ra-tru, gave his blessing for the young boxer’s new diet, he did some research and decided to go vegan himself as a way of managing his type 2 diabetes. “My life has completely changed,” Ra-tru said. “I lost 60 pounds, and I no longer take any medication. I feel great now. I give all the thanks to my son for pushing me to let him be a vegan. I tell him all the time that he may have saved my life!”

Photo courtesy of Ra-Leek Born

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