Cattle Network Publication Mocks Vegan Lobster

Meat industry publication implores childish tactics to disparage cruelty-free products such as vegan lobster and butter.

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A recent reactionary feature by meat industry media outlet Cattle Network mocked vegan lobster without justification while claiming it had no “beef” with vegans. The publication learned about vegan lobster after People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sent plant-based lobster to NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp after he was attacked by a shark while fishing for lobster. “We don’t want you running back to the water until you’ve tasted [cruelty-free lobster]—sharks work as a team to obtain food, so unwanted competition may be awaiting you,” PETA said in its note to Sapp. Cattle Network replied to this by stating, “Seriously—do what you like. Live and let live.” Cattle Network pointed out that the best part of eating lobster is dipping it into butter, before concluding, “So you’d have to serve vegan lobster with a side of vegan butter. Talk about a double dose of dumb for dinner.”

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