DJ Sensation Dillon Rupp Goes Vegan

DJ Sensation Dillon Rupp Goes Vegan

Young musician and social media star firmly commits to going vegan for “eternity.”


Musician and Vine star Dillon Rupp recently announced on Twitter that he went vegan. “I’ve finally stepped up,” Rupp said, adding, “in these last couple days I’ve been vegan. Nobody believes I’ll keep going, but watch.” The announcement quickly accrued more than 1,300 likes from fans, many of which supported Rupp’s decision. The musician released his first single “Buckwild” in 2013 to much acclaim, topping the charts in the hip-hop category on iTunes. To follow up on his progress, Rupp tweeted “Been vegan for a week,” adding, “I’m aiming for eternity.” Social media platforms such as Instagram, among others, have been credited for the rise of veganism in millennials. Rupp joins several social media influencers—including Lohanthony, Ricky Dillon, and Carli Bybel—who have committed to eschewing animal products in front of millions of followers.

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