Legendary Chef to Open Vegetarian Restaurant

World-renowned French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten shifts focus from meat to vegetables.

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Legendary French chef and New York restaurateur Jean-Georges Vongerichten will open a meat-free, vegetable-centric restaurant called abcV in September. Vongerichten is often credited with influencing the New York culinary scene with his restaurants JoJo, Spice Market, and ABC Kitchen, which have traditionally been centered on animal-based products. The new restaurant will be vegetarian with a juice bar, to-go counter, and a menu with internationally inspired items such as congee, dosas, crepes, and kitchari—a lentil-based dish the chef borrowed from Deepak Chopra. The chef raved about his new menu—which is currently being constructed—and stated, “Wait until you try our kraut.” Vongerichten’s venture into vegetables is a reflection of the changing focus among top culinarians, with influential food personalities such as Jose Andres and Ravi de Rossi also moving plant-based cuisine forward.

Photo courtesy of Wall Street Journal