Morrissey Demands Five Australian Venues To Go Vegan

Former Smiths singer has refused to play at venues that profit from serving animal products.

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Singer Morrissey announced that he would play only at venues that do not serve animal products during his upcoming Australian tour. During an interview with Larry King, the former Smiths frontman—who released an album titled “Meat is Murder”—confirmed he was a long-time vegetarian but recently chose to go vegan. “It’s the flesh-eaters that are the true cranks, and the farmers who look upon sheep and cows as their property,” the singer said. “It is morally wrong to make money from the death of any living being.” Morrissey’s five-stop tour includes Festival Hall in Melbourne, Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide, Royal Theatre in Canberra, WIN Centre in Wollongong, and Civic Theatre in Newcastle. Morrissey successfully had animal products banned from the general admissions area of Madison Square Garden last year, although meat was reportedly served to VIP guests.

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