Vegan Campaign Hits Times Square

Vegan Campaign Hits Times Square

Billboard showing imagery of animals as sentient beings will hold a high profile spot above Times Square for four weeks.


The “Be Fair Be Vegan” slideshow billboard will be displayed for four weeks in famed New York tourist and business hub Times Square. The slideshow features provocative close-up imagery of animals portrayed as sentient beings with emotions similar to humans and the tagline “We all value our lives” so passersby can experience commodified animals on a relatable level. “We want people to consider their obligations to these often invisible animals, consider that they are sentient beings with complex relationships and lives of their own,” campaign organizer Joanna Lucas said. Lucas strategically placed the billboards in one of the country’s most high-profile locations and enlisted the help of public relations agency Scout 22. “What could create more of a buzz than to be front and center at the Crossroads of the World—Times Square?”, said Scout 22’s Lori Amos. In addition to the slideshow, 200 street posters throughout Manhattan will accompany the campaign, which organizers hope will entice consumers make choices to end the use of animals as commodities and resources.

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