Chinese Police Seize 1,000 Tons of Bleach-Soaked Meat

Smuggled beef, tripe, tongue, and chicken wings would have resulted in widespread health issues.


Police officials have seized 1,000 tons of beef, tripe, tongue, chicken wings, and other meat products on a sea vessel in Guangdong, China. The animal products in question were smuggled from the United States, Brazil, and Thailand before being adulterated with toxic chemicals—such as bleach—in order to increase their weight, remove stains, and extend their expiration date. A criminal gang of 16 sailors was arrested in the crackdown. Police say that consumption of the toxic animal products would have “seriously harmed people’s health.” Consumer trust in the global meat industry was recently equated with that of used car salesmen, and for good reason. In addition to this Chinese meat fiasco, a new report found that 25,000 samples of fish were mislabeled in a scheme to pass off illegally caught fish as “sustainable.”

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