Pecan Milk Brand Now Available Nationwide

Texas-based, nut-milk company MALK expands to more than 1,200 Kroger stores.


Vegan milk company MALK Organics has expanded to more than 1,200 Kroger stores throughout the country beginning this week. The Texas-based company was the first to launch pecan milk commercially—and produces low sugar, minimal-ingredient nut milks made from sprouted and cold-pressed almonds, cashews, and pecans. Flavors include Maple Pecan, Vanilla Almond, and Unsweetened Cashew. “Seeing more products like MALK Organics on a national level speaks to the need and request for more vegan and dairy-free products,” MALK founder August Vega told VegNews. “Consumers are speaking up and grocers are responding—it’s evident in the size of the non-dairy case alone.” MALK is also available at Whole Foods Market and specialty grocers throughout the Southwest, Rocky Mountain, and Northeast regions. The dairy alternative market is expected to reach $34 billion by 2024, with stores across the country selling vegan mainstays such as Silk, So Delicious, and Califia Farms along with newer brands like Ripple and Veggemo.

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