New Footage Exposes Cruelty in Prosciutto Industry

New Footage Exposes Cruelty in Prosciutto Industry

Italian investigators find rampant abuse at supplier for Parma Ham.


Italian animal-rights group Essere Animali recently released undercover footage obtained from a pig farm that supplies proscuitto company Parma Ham. In the video, workers are shown dragging and kicking sick pigs, often leaving them in dirty corridors to die. Pigs with injuries are documented, many of them with open wounds caused by cannibalism—a common problem among pig factory farms due to overcrowding, according to animal-rights organization Mercy for Animals (MFA). “If we wouldn’t treat dogs or cats in such appalling ways,” MFA content manager Joe Loria said, “how can we pay the meat industry to do it to pigs?” While previous investigations in factory pig farms have uncovered gruesome abuse and neglect, this footage proves that luxury meat industries are no different in its mistreatment of animals.

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