Pamela Anderson to Send Melania Trump Vegan Fur Coat

The actress vowed to send the first lady one of her Russian faux furs to help animals used in the fashion industry.


Actress and animal-rights activist Pamela Anderson promised to send first lady Melania Trump one of her faux fur coats during a gala put on by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in Washington, DC last week. “I’m going to send her one of my Russian eco-fur coats as a gift because I’m designing furs in Russia right now,” Anderson said. The actress explained that her primary concern during the new administration is conservation and the environment. Amongst many of her actions for animals—including urging the Louisiana prison system to serve vegan meals—Anderson launched two vegan shoe lines last year. As for her concern with the first lady’s wardrobe, Anderson stated, “Melania’s favorite designer is Marc Bouwer, as far as I’ve heard,” adding, “and he’s a vegan designer.”

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