The Office Director B.J. Novak Backs Cultured Meat

The famed writer and actor has a stake in cultured meat company, Memphis Meats.

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Producer, director, writer, and actor of The Office fame B.J. Novak recently revealed his support of the cultured meat industry stating, “I’m supporting a few companies that do that. Memphis Meats is one.” Silicon Valley-based Memphis Meats aims to make raising animals for food “unthinkable” and announced last month that its first product—a cultured meatball—is slated for commercial availability in 2021. “This sounds Sci-Fi,” Novak said, “but I think it’s a real shot at changing everything.” Ironically, Novak has agreed to play the role of Harry J. Sonneborn—the consultant credited for the explosive expansion of McDonald’s—in a new movie about the fast-food chain.

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