Vegan "Bacon" Made from Seaweed Hits Shelves

Vegan “Bacon” Made from Seaweed Hits Shelves

Pasta company launches unique, cruelty-free seaweed snack as a healthy alternative to the trendy animal product.


Netherlands-based company Seamore recently launched I Sea Bacon—a vegan product made from seaweed. The brand initially produced seaweed-based pasta, and then expanded its line to include plant-based alternatives to pork products as well. I Sea Bacon is made using two forms of seaweed—himanthalia elongata, and dulse—sourced from aquatic farms in Ireland and France. I Sea Bacon can be used to add a smoky flavor to meals, or can be soaked and then fried in strips. Founder Willem Sodderland believes his product addresses a major health concern of eating bacon by removing saturated fat while minimizing the consumption of pigs, the meat of whom he says is, “one of the most eco-unfriendly foods that we have.” Seamore released a promotional video for their new bacon product stating that while bacon is the world’s “favorite flavor,” environmental concerns and animal welfare issues are making the idea of using pigs to make bacon “less desirable.” Seamore’s seaweed bacon will surely be a welcome alternative in Europe, particularly the United Kingdom, where attitudes toward bacon are shifting and residents are reportedly spending $151.6 million less on bacon after the World Health Organization classified the processed meat as a carcinogen in 2015.

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