Vegan Snacks Most Popular During Super Bowl

DirecTV’s analysis of Instagram posts finds vegan snacks took top searched spots with #GameDay.


Television service provider DirecTV recently conducted research on social media platform Instagram to determine which snacks users favor during the Super Bowl. DirecTV analyzed 25,660 food-related posts from January to October 2015 with the hashtag #GameDay. The results were then analyzed both by individual states and by which Game Day posts received the most likes. The most popular snack across the country was watermelon, with vegan snacks taking second place—and holding the most popular posted item in Florida, South Dakota, and Nevada. When it comes to engagement, vegan snacks gained the most likes across the board. “We discovered a definite trend in favored foods,” DirecTV stated in its report, “suggesting that while classics (like #nofilter chicken wings) still hold a special place in the heart of the nation, vegan offerings have recently taken game day by storm.” DirectTV’s findings are in line with several recent Google Trend reports that named “vegan” the top dietary search term in both New York City and across the globe in Australia.