Veggie Burger Sales at Nordic "McDonald's" Quadruple

Veggie Burger Sales at Nordic “McDonald’s” Quadruple

Sweden’s popular chain fast-food restaurant Max introduced four meatless burgers last year and saw sales soar.


Sweden-based multinational fast-food chain Max introduced four meatless “Max Green” burgers to the menu of its 106 Swedish locations last year. The new burgers—one of which is entirely vegan, while the other three are easily customizable to be dairy- and egg-free—were launched to advocate for reducing climate change. Within one year’s time, Max reported that sales of its “green” burgers have quadrupled. “When we launched the Green-family, our goal was that by 2020, one in five orders would be from non-red meat,” Max’s head of Swedish operations Christoffer Bergfors said. “Now we have revised this goal to one in three instead.” Stateside, McDonald’s recently reported that only one in five millennials have never eaten a Big Mac. On the flip side, plant-based fast food eateries continue to grow with the expansion of Las Vegas’ vegan drive-thru VegeWay, San Diego’s Plant Power Fast Food, and wildly popular New York-based eatery by Chloe.