Vegan Gift-Basket Delivery Debuts in Canada

This holiday season, customers can choose from 14 baskets filled with vegan treats and beauty products.


Canadian company FAIR/SQUARE launched this week the country’s first vegan gift-basket delivery service. Each basket is loaded with Canadian-made vegan items—such as chocolates, fairtrade tea, and vegan skincare products—that customers can order with an attached personal note. “Vegan options from regular gift-basket companies are often sub-par and consist of little more than a variety of dried fruits at an inflated price,” FAIR/SQUARE founder Katharina Otulak said. “We want to show that there is more to vegan gifting than dried dates and figs.” Customers can choose from 14 themed baskets such as “Chocolate Lover XL (loaded with 10 chocolate-flavored items such as bars, chips, barks, and teas), the “Housewarming” (which includes tea towels, soy candles, coasters, and soaps), and the “Gluten-Free Breakfast” (featuring granola, crackers, pancake mixes, and teas). Stateside, companies such as The Vegan Store offer an array of vegan gift baskets that can be ordered in time for the holidays.

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