Farmer Stops Slaughtering Cows to Grow Vegetables

Third-generation cattle rancher Mike Lanigan now runs an animal sanctuary that houses 31 cows, three horses, three chickens, and one duck.


Canadian cattle rancher Mike Lanigan recently decided to transform his beef farm into an animal sanctuary where he grows vegetables instead of slaughtering animals. After spending several hours nursing a premature calf only to eventually send him to slaughter, Lanigan realized that his morals did not align with his actions. “I just thought it was hypocritical to give so much love,” Lanigan told local media outlet Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, “and then you can shut the door at the end.” Lanigan said that while some members of his community have been supportive, others see him as a threat. “Right now,” Lanigan said, “I think farmers feel under attack. There’s a lot of really strong animal activism going on … I didn’t realize all of these nuances to running a sanctuary, to saving my cows. I didn’t see all of this.” Currently, Lanigan’s sanctuary Farmhouse Garden Animal Home (located in Ontario) houses 31 cows, three chickens, three horses, and one duck.

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