Tom Ford Goes Vegan

The iconic fashion designer has eschewed animal products after watching What the Health.


Fashion designer Tom Ford confirmed that he has gone vegan. Ford explained in the January 2018 issue of Vogue that he made the change this summer after watching acclaimed vegan documentary What the Health. Ford revealed he is still transitioning to the new lifestyle and looking for a suitable vegan replacement to the only non-vegan food that remains in his diet—candy “Percy Pigs,” which contain gelatin. Ford sent a note to fellow designer Stella McCartney to announce the news, stating, “Stella, you’re not going to believe this.” McCartney congratulated Ford for his decision to be more compassionate to animals, a mission that the vegetarian designer has implemented into several of her recent collections—including a faux leather vegan “skin-free skin” line McCartney debuted at Paris Fashion Week last spring.

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